How Are Your Habits?

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Hello all!

Back from the dead in a way. It’s been waaaaaay too long but so many things have happened and yes I will be back in the blogging world more frequently soon!

So what’s been going on? Where have you been Erica?? Well… My hubby and I have a company 48 HourMedia where we help small to medium sized businesses with their video production, digital design and social media engagement without breaking the bank! I have also written a book titled How I Beat Self Sabotage and How You can too that is available now! (more on that later) and also became a Relationship Builder with Send Out Cards. I’ve also stepped down from teaching and training (I know crazy right??) but still LOVE fitness and what it can do you for and literally your soul

Something has been on my mind though, something that was awakened while writing a book and also being a business owner, is what kind of habits have you developed? More importantly, are those habits hurting you or helping you? Now this is something that can be hard to think about or easy to ignore. Have the thoughts gone through your mind “I’ll get it done later, I can take care of it tomorrow, it’s not important right now” It’s always tomorrow and tomorrow NEVER comes! Why am I so passionate about highlighting this? I did this (and still struggle with it ) ALL THE TIME!! I mean all the time, whatever I could put off I would, whether it was household chores to working out to time blocking to getting important items done, ANYTHING! Now with procrastination this is nothing but a HABIT, a bad habit at that but still a habit. You know the saying, it takes 3 weeks to form a new habit? Preferably one that SERVES you not HURTS  you. Are you putting stuff on the back burner? Have goals that aren’t coming to fruition? Still spinning your wheels? My favorite… doing the same thing but not getting different results? These questions can pertain to anything from fitness, business, family, hobbies, ANYTHING and believe me procrastination is a destroyer of those goals unless you choose to take control… Yes it’s a CHOICE! So how can you combat this? What are SIMPLE yet effective ways to start changing some habits? I’m just going to list a couple but you start implementing these for at least 30 days and that forms a new habit which will serve you, not hinder you.

1. Block your time: Choose a day or 2 a week that you will get busy work done, blog, follow up calls, business matters and then choose 1 to 2 hours of that day to get these items done. Let people know that you will not be available during these hours, resist your email and definitely resist social media! It’s way too easy to get caught up on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. They serve a great purpose but with anything, it has its right place and right times

2. Set Your Timer: set your time for an hour and see how much you can get done! Set your mind to the 2 or 3 tasks that are important and can’t warrant any distractions. When that timer goes off, get up and walk around, play on social media, do other duties but then get focused! Again it’s way too easy to try and do everything now or all at once and that’s actually more inefficient than efficient. Pretty soon you won’t need this timer but it’s still a good practice!

3. Choose certain days and times to get certain items off  your list. Do you have a day to blog? To prospect? to follow up? To Market on Social Media? It’s great practice to map these out on your calendar and also helps your mind feel more organized. If you are feeling you have to get it all done now, that’s just not realistic and can cause you panic! I’ve fallen victim to this plenty of times and I just simply have to remind myself. Get out that calendar, get organized and get going!

Those are SUPER simple tips that you can get started on at any time! I hope this has proven helpful and you can get started right away!

I do promise to blog more often! I have a new site and NEW blog coming so stay tuned! Please visit and if you are following my blog now make sure to follow the new one! I’ll share the new blog when it’s up!  Please follow and leave your comments below! Happy Weekend!


Featured Oil of the Week: Valor

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So the first question is “what are these essential oils and why use them?” Well did you know that a little 5ml bottle can replace most of your household items you may be using? Whether it be for chapped lips, burns, depression, pain, Athlete’s foot, wart removal, immune system, black mold, deodorant and many other uses Essential oils are powerful and can be incorporated in everyday life! Well known as effective when used in massage therapy and meditation, essential oils also have a wide range of other powerful applications. Essential Oils can be extremely effective when used in First Aid treatment for burns, insect bites, cuts, bruises, and more.

Anti-bacterial properties make them highly effective for sanitizing, disinfecting, deodorizing and air purification as well.
Some essential oils make excellent toxin free cleaning agents for removal of grease, oil, carpet stains, crayon, etc.
Powerful anti-oxidant properties in some essential oils make them amazingly effective in anti-aging, energy and health giving applications both alone and when combined with supplements.
And of course, nothing beats the power of essential oils in personal care products for skin, hair and personal hygiene.


Let’s take a look at the many different products in your home that you could replace with just a few small bottles of various essential oils.

Pain Creams (PanAway or Peppermint)
Burn Ointments (Lavender)
Athlete’s Foot Creams (Lemon)
Wart Removal Products (Lemon)
Depression (Frankincense)
Strengthen Immune System (Frankincense)
Relieve Sore Throat Pain and Kill Strep Bacteria (Thieves)
Kill Toxic Black Mold (Thieves)
Balance Electrical Energies Along Spine (Valor)
Sinus Tablets (Peppermint)
Sleep Aids (Lavender, Peace And Calming)
After Shave (Lavender)
Deodorant (Lavender)
Skin Lotions (Lavender)
Chapped Lip Sticks (Lavender)
Cold Sore Balms (Lavender)
Bath Oils (Several Oils)
Perfumes (Several Oils)
Dandruff Shampoos (Lavender)
Insect Repellents (Purification)
Moth Balls (Lavender)
Anti-Bacterial Cleaners (Lemon)
Lemonade (Lemon)
Herbal Teas (Several Oils)
Cooking Spices (Several Oils)

So as you can see these are so powerful and really can change your home to a toxic free home while also enjoying the aroma and other benefits of Essential Oils. I have talked about the everyday oils and now this week I want to feature another one, the oil called Valor

This is an oil blend made up of Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frakincense, and Spruce. Valor is known as an energy balancing blend and it works with the body’s electrical and nervous system bringing alignment and balance throughout the whole body system. When applied to the feet, spine and neck, this blend of spruce, blue tansy, rosewood and frankincense supports the muscular skeletal system of the body. Valor has gained respect from chiropractors, who find it beneficial when applied on a client before and after an adjustment. Valor has been known to help those who suffer from stage fright, anxiety, and extreme tension, by rubbing few drops onto the hands and breathing deeply. To create a deeper sleep, rub on the bottoms of your feet before bed. Some other uses of Valor are as follows:

Emotional Strength: Rub a few drops of Valor over the heart neck wrists and on the bottom of each foot to relieve feelings of fear and anxiety

Back Pain/Injury: Apply Valor to the bottoms of feet and spine to help with alignment

Joint Pain/Injury: Add a few drops of valor to V-6 mixing oil and apply to the joints

TMJ: Rub Valor on the jaw before bad and in the morning until the pain is relieved

Sciatica: apply 2 drops of valor to the heels of feet using pressure

Anxiety: Rub a few drops on feet, neck, chest. Breathe deeply

Sleep Apnea: Apply Valor to the bottoms of feet before bed

Stiff Neck: Use 2 drops of Valor on neck and massage

Spinal Adjustment: Rub a few drops of valor up and down the spine and the bottom arches of feet


This is just one oil! Look at all the uses with one oil blend 🙂 With this oil and other Essential they have to be used daily to really reap the benefits. Mixing it with V-6 mixing oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil or olive oil is good when you are first using the oils. Just in case of skin sensitivity or if they are being used in massage the mixing oil is a good idea with these potent Essential oils.


Thanks for the read! Please subscribe to my blog to keep up on new posts and new info on Essential Oils 🙂

Product Review: Philosophy Skin Care

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Okay so I think the main quest of a woman and men too is great skin care. What is good for your skin? What won’t break me out? What won’t break the bank? Well I am one person that has been on this quest for YEARS. It’s been a nightmare! In high school I had pretty good skin, I really didn’t have to think about it and I used products (St. Ives) that gave me good results and never broke me out. Now back then I could sleep with make up on then wash my face the next morning, pretty much use anything over the counter and not break out it was like I had the skin of steel! Then I turned 24 and all that changed. I kept using the same products but then my face blew up! It was all this crazy acne EVERYWHERE on my face. It was horrid and embarrassing. If you have dealt with skin like this then you know how it feels to not even want to leave the house because you just don’t want people looking at you ugh… that’s what was going on with me. I tried sticking with the same products I had always used but I would get just severe reactions, more breakouts, my face literally hurt and it just kept getting worse and worse. I literally spent thousands (I just threw up in my mouth) on over the counter products, medications, facials you name it I’ve tried it. I had been talking (more like whining) to my friend  Pam about what to use and what was going on with my face. She had been using Philosophy and told me how amazing it was. It  made her skin feel so different and her skin can be combination/sensitive and it never irritated her. At this point I was using Mychelle (good stuff btw) and was getting good results but my skin was still acting up a tad. Finally for my birthday she sent me a b day kit from Philosophy that had their Purity face wash, bath gel and lip gloss. I said to myself this is the time to try it, I have been seeing infomercials and had been hearing from other people who have used it the amazing results they had been getting from using it over time.

WOW is what I said in the shower! I could tell after the first use this stuff was different. There is a cleanser and toner in Purity and it made my skin feel amazing! After one try I was hooked and began ordering like crazy! (I wouldn’t recommend this if you don’t want to go broke LOL) I was on their website getting their moisturizer, peels, retinol EVERYTHING!! Let me tell you, for what you get and the quality of these products it’s worth every penny. You don’t have to use much of it to get the results and to have your skin look so different. Immediately I could tell my skin was calming down and Philosophy does exactly what it says it will do on the box. Whether you need to get control of your acne, take care of fine lines, you have dry/oily skin, uneven skin tone there is something for you to use and it WILL work. I have been using Philosophy for about 3 years now and it’s like I have a different face I swear. Nothing in these products cause me a reaction and I have seriously sensitive skin that will break out at the drop of a dime (it’s ridiculous actually) and so far so good after 3 years. I am a Philosophy girl (it’s a secret club) for life! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I would really recommend that you try these if you are at your wit’s end with your skin issues or you just want to try something different. I’ll post on the bottom of this blog my daily and weekly ritual with Philosophy and keeping it simple has been the way to go! 🙂

Skin care regimen:

Purity Cleanser: twice daily AM and PM

Hope in a jar moisturizer: twice daily AM and PM

Retinol: at night

Oxygen Peel: once a week

Microdelivery peel: once a week I alternate between this peel and the oxygen peel

Microdelivery scrub: three days a week in the AM

Hope in a Tube Eye Cream: twice daily AM and PM

Gorgeous AZ storm

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People always wonder why my husband and I moved to Arizona. Yes it gets super hot but man seeing storms like this and amazing winters it pretty much sums up why we are here…

The Wonder That is the Grand Canyon


I’m sure you’ve seen pics a million times of the Grand Canyon and it’s easy to feel like what’s the big deal? it’s just a giant hole in the ground right? The same with tv shows, they try and get you to wrap your mind around how large and beautiful it is but seeing it on a tv screen just does not do it any justice. A couple of weeks ago my mother was here in Arizona visiting from Michigan, yes she was in the desert in the middle of August is she crazy?? We knew we had to be up north because it was boiling hot here but she still got a great chance to enjoy Scottsdale and the off the chain restaurants we have here 🙂 For weeks before the trip she kept mentioning that she wanted to see the Grand Canyon and Route 66. Please don’t smack me for saying this but I really don’t know the big deal with route 66 when I finally saw it I thought “it’s just a highway!” But it is very historical and I feel fortunate to have seen it with my own eyes. So Friday after she arrives and we finally hit the road to head to the Grand Canyon. It’s only 3.5 hours north of us but feels way longer because the hills are brutal! I have a mini cooper and sometimes Molly (that’s her name to  knock it) doesn’t like going up hills. The scenery is amazing on the way up there, you pass through Flagstaff and Sedona and no matter how many times you have been there it will always blow your mind, go there!

We finally arrive and we were super excited but man the bathroom was calling our names, sorry for the TMI we slammed a lot of water on the way up there and we were going to burst! We fight through the line and finally get finished with the bathroom and start the trek to where you can actually see the Grand Canyon and take so many pictures you develop Carpal Tunnel LOL. Depending on where you park this can be a long walk or a short walk but either way it’s not bad, the scenery is great and the weather is always so nice considering how far north you are in Arizona. After walking for a while and chatting there she was.. the Grand Canyon..

There are a bazillion people there trying to do the same thing you are, get a ton of pics and stare at it.. No matter how many people are there you just can’t help yourself by just standing there and staring for a long time. Does something like this really exist? Is it real? Those were going through my head and especially my mother’s mind since this was the first time she had ever seen it. I think the one thing I was looking forward to during her trip was her reaction to the Grand Canyon, this was the second time I had gone with my husband but man the first time you see something like that there is nothing like it.. It was a true blessing being able to go see it again and to be able to see my mom enjoy something so beautiful and so HUGE!! Of course there are shops, restaurants, camping, hotels, train rides and mule rides to the bottom of the canyon but just seeing it is worth the drive. There are those that get a ride to the bottom to white water raft on the colorado river and then camp overnight which would be a crazy experience for sure. If you have not been here and have not been to see the Grand Canyon, DO IT!! It’s so worth the drive and the traffic. It’s more than just a huge hole in the ground or a giant tourist attraction it’s a Grand wonder that everyone should see at least once in their lives…

Sade: A Once in a Lifetime Experience….


For those of you who know about Sade and are HUGE fans of her such as I am then it’s pretty clear she is such an amazing talent all on her own. The minute she stepped on the music scene in 1984 with Smooth Operator off her album Diamond Life, the world knew she is something different and rare. Seeing her in concert would be such a treat but with her reclusivness and her willingness to tour only once every 10 years, seeing her would be hard but such a treat. To be honest this is what I admire about her, she’s not out there flaunting and feeding off her fame like so many other celebrities we see, constantly in the tabloids, destroying themselves with drugs and doing anything to get attention, to get in the camera. Sade rejects this type of fame and has said many times she does not release an album until she has something to say, something to sing about. This is great because you know the album she has spent a decade writing and producing is going to be a gem of all gems and so worth the wait. It has been ten years since she had released Lovers Rock and the same amount of time since she has been on tour and there had been plenty of fans (such as myself) that have been dying for her next album and next tour. I was determined if she came back with more music that was the time for my husband and I to go see her! We are both such huge fans and the privlige of seeing her would be once in a life time. Well the time finally came and Sade came back with Soldier of Love and let me tell you, worth the wait!! Each song is so different and so Sade.  She has stuck with her own unique sound and song writing that it never disappoints but with the release of the new album there wasn’t immediate talk of a tour, this had me nervous but very hopeful. Finally the word came down that she was going on tour in Europe… 18 months after the release of her album. No one else can pull off what she does by waiting that long after her album drops to take on a world tour, but she did it! I had been spending months on her website praying to see dates in Phoenix and I had no idea how much September 2, 2011 would change our lives….

We bought the tickets six months before she was to come to Phoenix and let me tell you those months dragged and went by fast at the same time… So the day finally comes and it doesn’t hit me until we are at US Airways Arena that we are not only getting to see her but John Legend! He’s a super performer by the way… Let me tell you, ten years has done NOTHING to Sade. What you hear on her albums is what you hear live and it was amazing! It was worth every penny every minute of waiting to get to see her. I would highly recommend that you go to the ends of the earth to see her live in concert. The set, the lights, her outfits were all perfect and honestly I wouldn’t change a thing about that show. It was simple, and even in that big arena she could make you feel she is just singing to you in a small venue… She put on a full two hour show and it felt like five minutes. You are engaged the whole time, hanging off every note, every song she sings. Sade I love you!!!

It was well worth the ten year wait for her next album and next tour. She may not tour again because she has said she doesn’t know how much longer she can sing the same songs… We are aware that this was a once in a lifetime event and so very thankful that we could be apart of it….

How to use Essential Oils

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Featured Oil of the Week: Lavender


So this week I want to feature an oil that is so amazing and has a lot more uses and effects on the human body than just relaxation. Lavender is known to many for its calming properties and helping people de-stress and aide in anxiety treatment. I personally have used Lavender for those nights where I have a hard time getting to sleep, I have a lot on my mind or I just want to feel more relaxed. I place this oil and Peace and Calming (I’ll discuss this oil in a later blog) on the bottoms of my feet and I can tell you I have not had a better sleep in years! Many of us wake up in the middle of the night, we have a restful sleep at first but then we get disturbed and can’t get back to sleep, etc. So here is some info  and fun facts about Lavender 🙂 It is the most versatile of all essential oils. When lavender is distilled to be therapeutic grade it is great and highly regarded for helping the skin. It can help with scar tissue and the prevention of scar tissue formation, helps with cuts and burns, dry/chapped skin, rashes, sunburn, insect bites and other skin abrasions. Never knew you could do so much with lavender huh? Lavender is also an adaptogen so when the body is stressed or adapting to imbalances that we all experience from time to time, Lavender can be a help with keeping the body and mind calm and adapting to new and potentially stressful situations.

Other uses for Lavender Essential Oil is as follows:

Calming,  Sleep aid, Bee sting/Insect bite, minor burn, cuts, eczema/dermatitis, motion sickness, nosebleed, unblock tear ducts, dry/chapped skin, scar tissue, deodorant, Hay fever, dandruff, moths and insects, water fountains, sweeten laundry, cold sores, allergies, sunburn and rashes. That’s crazy!! One bottle of oil and so many  uses for your heath and around the house. Researchers in Germany did a study on the effects of Lavender on anxiety disorders. At the end of the ten week study, it was concluded that users of the oil their score on the Hamilton Anxiety scale versus those that just took a placebo. So scientifically it is being proven that these therapeutic grade oils do affect the body and your health for the better 🙂  A daily use for the Lavender oil is using 1-2 drops and rubbing it on the bottom of my feet along with Peace and Calming. It’s such a great way to come down from a busy day that is potentially stressful and hectic. Literally a few minutes after this I am super relaxed and I have the kind of sleep I do not wake up in the middle of the night and feel super rested the next morning! If you are having trouble sleeping or suffering from anxiety Lavender oil is a great treat and a wonderful way to treat your body.

I will be blogging more with more uses of Lavender oil and other oils I will be featuring each week. Please visit my site at for more info on this oil and other oils you may be curious about.  You can shoot me an email at or post a comment and I will be sure to get back to you!

Thanks for the read and here’s to your health….

Essential Oils and what are they?

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You may have heard the word essential oils or organic oils and may have wondered “what the heck are those? Another weird natural way of living?” Well it is a natural way of living but definitely not weird 🙂 LOL More and more people are discovering a more natural way to deal with health ailments, sore muscles, fussy babies, pet health etc. Essential oils have a wide array of uses and tremendous health benefits! If you have been looking for a chemical free way to rid your house of germs, chemicals from your home believe it or not people are discovering essential oils. So where do the oils actually come from? Well if you have ever squeezed a lemon or an orange peel and seen then liquid that comes out is the essential oil, totally organic and natural! So there nine oils and oil blends that are highly regarded for daily use and these oils are Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Purification, PanAway, Peace and Calming, Valor, Peppermint and Thieves.

Lavender Oil:

Lavender is a very versatile oil that is used to clean and soothe burns, cuts and other skin irritations. it also calms and balances the body with its refreshing and relaxing scent. Having trouble sleeping? Rub 1-2 drops of this oil on the bottoms of your feet for a much needed deeper rest. You also diffuse this oil to enjoy the scent in your home to create a more relaxing and calm atmosphere and also rub Lavender over a cut or burn to soothe these injuries. People have been known to use this oil to heal dry,chapped skin also. Feeling tense. Rub 1-2 drops of this potent oil on the back of your neck for calming and you can also minimize scar tissue by rubbing Lavender on or around the affected areas. Some versatile uses of lavender are helping with, calming, sleep aid, bee stings/bug bites, motion sickness, nosebleeds, dry/chapped skin, scar tissue, hay fever, can be used as a natural deodorant, eczema/dermatitis, unblocking of the tear ducts, dandruff, sweetens laundry, minor burns, moth and insect repellent, sunburns, allergies, rashes, cold sores and the list goes on! So amazing!

Peppermint oil is the oldest and the highest regarded oil as far as aiding in digestion. Scientists have studied its affect on the liver, respiratory system, improving concentration and mental clarity. This is a great oil to diffuse and over time it can improve the smell of your home, get rid of viruses and bacteria and improve your over all well-being.  Peppermint can help aid in heartburn, inflamation on unbroken skin, bruises, fever, itching, poison ivy/poison oak, working out, nausea, headache, hiccups, alertness/concentration, travel sickness, congestion, flavoring of foods, and detrrrence of ants, rodents and cockroaches.

The name Thieves for this essential oil was founded on the legend of a group of thieves in fourteenth century France who used clove, rosemary, and other aromatics when robbing plague victims in order to stay immune. This Thieves Essential Oil contains clove for its antimicrobial properties and cinnamon for its purifying properties. Youc an use this oil in a diffuser to eliminate bacteria and odors in the air, place some on a cotton ball place in a back pack, car or anywhere that the air needs cleaning. Thieves is also known for its immune strengthening properties. A great way to strengthen your immune system with Thieves is to put 2-3 drops in a capsule and swallow daily for that extra protection. Some more uses for Thieves are as follows: Cold and flu prevention, aids with strep throat, getting rid of household germs, aids with gingivitis/bleeding gums. mold, bronchitis, cold sores/fever blisters and aids in the healing of fungal skin and toe infections. If you are suffering from a cold or flu you can diffuse this oil in 1/2 hour increments, rub a 1 drop on the bottom of the feet and also add a drop to a glass of water and drink. Great during cold and flu season!

This oil was considered to be more valuable than Gold during ancient times and used to treat every man or woman that was ill. Frankincense is known antidepressant and muscle relaxing benefits.  This oil is great to use to get a sense of spirituality, increase inner strength and to also support skin health. When diffused the scent of Frankincense can enhance prayer during meditation and is a great oil to use during yoga or any other mind/body classes. Some great uses for Frankincense are for: concentration, immune health, blisters, insect bites, depression, brittle nails, stretch marks, cysts, skin health, warts, breast health and healthy maintenance. A true miracle oil!

When taken internally, lemon is a great source of d-limonene which is a great antioxidant and is known to boost the body’s defenses. you can use this oil topically to balance out oils glands and minimize oil production. Massage lemon onto cellulite to help improve circulation and eliminate waste cells. Lemon is also great for enhancing foods and to add a few drops to your water for a great antioxidant boost. Some other great uses for lemon are: air freshener, to remove gum oil grease spots and crayons, reduces the appearance of varicose veins, helps with callouses/bunions/warts, prolonging the life of fresh fruit, making lemonade, disinfecting dishcloths, cleaning counters tops and also disinfecting your hands before using a public bathroom.

This oil blend was formulated to be diffused to purify and cleanse the air from mildew, cigarette smoke and other odors.  This is another oil blend that can be used to aide in clearing the skin of blemishes and also repel bugs and pesky insects. Uses for Purification Essential Oil Blend: Sore throat aide, air purifier, flu aide, humidifier, cat/dog ear mites, sneaker odors, skin blemishes and insect repellant.

This is a gentle fragrant blend that promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace. People have said that it helps them calm tensions and raises their spirits. You can mix this oil with a V-6 massage oil for a more soothing calming massage for your client and also with 1-2 drops rub on the bottom of your feet and shoulders for a more rested sleep. Peace and Calming can also help with overactive children, relaxing massage, relaxing bath, teeth grinding and a natural sleep aid.

This pain relief blend of wintergreen, clove, peppermint and helichrysum eases discomforts or everyday twinges with a warming soothing effect. If you have had a tough workout or suffer from any other muscle pain PanAway can ease and soothe those sore muscles for a more relaxed feel. This oil is great for women during that time of the month, add 3-4 drops to a warm towel and place over the abdomen to ease the discomfort of cramps and bloating. PanAway can help with arthritis, sciatic pain, growing pains, sore muscles, headaches and inflammation/bruising.

Valor essential oil is a blend of Rosewood, Tansy, frankincense and spruce. This is known as the confidence booster oil and can help build emotional strength by rubbing a few drops over the heart, neck, wrists and on the bottom of the feet. Valor is also valuable with back pain/injury, joint pain/injury, TMJ, sciatica, anxiety, sleep apnea, stiff neck and spinal adjustment.

As you can see Essential oils are amazing! You can use all kinds of natural remedies for most ailments that you experience daily or during your life. I love sharing about these and wanted to share with you the 9 essential oils that are most popular that people use on a daily basis and have had the greatest success with. If you have questions please leave me a comment I would love to hear from you!



Young Living Essential Oils:

Turning on the Lightbulb

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So when was your lightbulb moment? When did you get sick of the current situation you’re in now and decided to make a real change? A lot of us have been or are in a situation now where we aren’t/weren’t happy and just didn’t know what to do! A good example (of course it has to do with health and fitness) is if you’re in a physical shape you are just not happy with. You feel tired, your joints hurt and other side effects that are not fun but what to do?? There are so many fads out there and “get skinny quick” products out there it can make your head explode! What to do what to do??? One day that light bulb will go off… You’ll get sick of not being in the shape you’re in, not being in the job you’re happy at, or in a relationship that’s doing nothing for you one day you will hit your threshold and take action! This is the best time, it’s like the blinders come off and you just know what to do.  You send out your resume for that job you’ve been wanting to get, or finally tell your relationship partner that it’s over or find a “soulmate”workout that you just love and are determined to drop those pounds and get to where you want to be! This can be such a moment of power for you! The moment where you say “enough is enough!” When this moment happens you find yourself forming new habits, making new friends, having healthier relationships and all kinds of life changing events happening. You may be scared at first because change is scary, it’s unfamiliar you don’t know what to expect or how others will react to it. What this is for you is a POSITIVE change. You will attract others that are interested in the same things you are, that are more supportive of you and your goals and just a more fulfilling relationship with people. This is a huge step at setting and achieving your goals. Just think if you are surrounded by people that are like “why do you want to lose weight?” “Why are you so into fitness?” You the naysayers?? It’s amazing how they can throw you off your goals, feed your fear and hold you back! If your lightbulb, your breaking point has happened, listen to that and make something happen! Never be afraid to be yourself! Break through those walls and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself!

I’m curious, when did your lightbulb go off and what did it go off about? What did you do about your situation that you wanted to change? I would love to hear about it! Again hitting the threshold of what made you so unhappy is always a good thing! Whether you want to get the last 10lbs off or lose 50lbs or get a new job, just remember that YOU CAN!! Anything you set your mind to can be done! Don’t listen to the naysayers, take it one day at a time and you will get there!

Remember I’m always listening 🙂

Yours in Wellness

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