Hello all!

Back from the dead in a way. It’s been waaaaaay too long but so many things have happened and yes I will be back in the blogging world more frequently soon!

So what’s been going on? Where have you been Erica?? Well… My hubby and I have a company 48 HourMedia where we help small to medium sized businesses with their video production, digital design and social media engagement without breaking the bank! I have also written a book titled How I Beat Self Sabotage and How You can too that is available now! (more on that later) and also became a Relationship Builder with Send Out Cards. I’ve also stepped down from teaching and training (I know crazy right??) but still LOVE fitness and what it can do you for and literally your soul

Something has been on my mind though, something that was awakened while writing a book and also being a business owner, is what kind of habits have you developed? More importantly, are those habits hurting you or helping you? Now this is something that can be hard to think about or easy to ignore. Have the thoughts gone through your mind “I’ll get it done later, I can take care of it tomorrow, it’s not important right now” It’s always tomorrow and tomorrow NEVER comes! Why am I so passionate about highlighting this? I did this (and still struggle with it ) ALL THE TIME!! I mean all the time, whatever I could put off I would, whether it was household chores to working out to time blocking to getting important items done, ANYTHING! Now with procrastination this is nothing but a HABIT, a bad habit at that but still a habit. You know the saying, it takes 3 weeks to form a new habit? Preferably one that SERVES you not HURTS  you. Are you putting stuff on the back burner? Have goals that aren’t coming to fruition? Still spinning your wheels? My favorite… doing the same thing but not getting different results? These questions can pertain to anything from fitness, business, family, hobbies, ANYTHING and believe me procrastination is a destroyer of those goals unless you choose to take control… Yes it’s a CHOICE! So how can you combat this? What are SIMPLE yet effective ways to start changing some habits? I’m just going to list a couple but you start implementing these for at least 30 days and that forms a new habit which will serve you, not hinder you.

1. Block your time: Choose a day or 2 a week that you will get busy work done, blog, follow up calls, business matters and then choose 1 to 2 hours of that day to get these items done. Let people know that you will not be available during these hours, resist your email and definitely resist social media! It’s way too easy to get caught up on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. They serve a great purpose but with anything, it has its right place and right times

2. Set Your Timer: set your time for an hour and see how much you can get done! Set your mind to the 2 or 3 tasks that are important and can’t warrant any distractions. When that timer goes off, get up and walk around, play on social media, do other duties but then get focused! Again it’s way too easy to try and do everything now or all at once and that’s actually more inefficient than efficient. Pretty soon you won’t need this timer but it’s still a good practice!

3. Choose certain days and times to get certain items off  your list. Do you have a day to blog? To prospect? to follow up? To Market on Social Media? It’s great practice to map these out on your calendar and also helps your mind feel more organized. If you are feeling you have to get it all done now, that’s just not realistic and can cause you panic! I’ve fallen victim to this plenty of times and I just simply have to remind myself. Get out that calendar, get organized and get going!

Those are SUPER simple tips that you can get started on at any time! I hope this has proven helpful and you can get started right away!

I do promise to blog more often! I have a new site and NEW blog coming so stay tuned! Please visit http://www.ericasnyder.com and if you are following my blog now make sure to follow the new one! I’ll share the new blog when it’s up!  Please follow and leave your comments below! Happy Weekend!