I’m sure you’ve seen pics a million times of the Grand Canyon and it’s easy to feel like what’s the big deal? it’s just a giant hole in the ground right? The same with tv shows, they try and get you to wrap your mind around how large and beautiful it is but seeing it on a tv screen just does not do it any justice. A couple of weeks ago my mother was here in Arizona visiting from Michigan, yes she was in the desert in the middle of August is she crazy?? We knew we had to be up north because it was boiling hot here but she still got a great chance to enjoy Scottsdale and the off the chain restaurants we have here 🙂 For weeks before the trip she kept mentioning that she wanted to see the Grand Canyon and Route 66. Please don’t smack me for saying this but I really don’t know the big deal with route 66 when I finally saw it I thought “it’s just a highway!” But it is very historical and I feel fortunate to have seen it with my own eyes. So Friday after she arrives and we finally hit the road to head to the Grand Canyon. It’s only 3.5 hours north of us but feels way longer because the hills are brutal! I have a mini cooper and sometimes Molly (that’s her name to  knock it) doesn’t like going up hills. The scenery is amazing on the way up there, you pass through Flagstaff and Sedona and no matter how many times you have been there it will always blow your mind, go there!

We finally arrive and we were super excited but man the bathroom was calling our names, sorry for the TMI we slammed a lot of water on the way up there and we were going to burst! We fight through the line and finally get finished with the bathroom and start the trek to where you can actually see the Grand Canyon and take so many pictures you develop Carpal Tunnel LOL. Depending on where you park this can be a long walk or a short walk but either way it’s not bad, the scenery is great and the weather is always so nice considering how far north you are in Arizona. After walking for a while and chatting there she was.. the Grand Canyon..

There are a bazillion people there trying to do the same thing you are, get a ton of pics and stare at it.. No matter how many people are there you just can’t help yourself by just standing there and staring for a long time. Does something like this really exist? Is it real? Those were going through my head and especially my mother’s mind since this was the first time she had ever seen it. I think the one thing I was looking forward to during her trip was her reaction to the Grand Canyon, this was the second time I had gone with my husband but man the first time you see something like that there is nothing like it.. It was a true blessing being able to go see it again and to be able to see my mom enjoy something so beautiful and so HUGE!! Of course there are shops, restaurants, camping, hotels, train rides and mule rides to the bottom of the canyon but just seeing it is worth the drive. There are those that get a ride to the bottom to white water raft on the colorado river and then camp overnight which would be a crazy experience for sure. If you have not been here and have not been to see the Grand Canyon, DO IT!! It’s so worth the drive and the traffic. It’s more than just a huge hole in the ground or a giant tourist attraction it’s a Grand wonder that everyone should see at least once in their lives…