>So you’re bored with your current routine? Been doing the same thing over and over? Well that happens to all of us! We get in a rut of where we run all the time do some weights eat good and then the workout is done. At fist this seems easy because you are pumped up to meet  new fitness goals, meet the new you and all that jazz but where the real work comes in is sticking with it! If you have to look forward to the treadmill or the elliptical everytime you do cardio then yes you will start to dread it! What is the solution for this? Change it up! Something I always tell people is find your “soulmate” workout that makes you look forward to working out and that you look forward to and guess what? It won’t feel like work 🙂 If you find that working out can be fun then hey you will work out harder, longer and get the results that you want! So find a group class (Turbo Kick, Zumba, Piyo, bodypump, cycle) anything that you enjoy! Another thing to keep in mind is when you find the cardio that you love to do don’t forget those weights! So many times I hear people ask me “Erica I do so much cardio but I still have the flab!” Well you know what tightens you up? The weights!  Yes the more muscle  you have in your body the tighter leaner and smaller you will look because muscle is so much more denser than fat! Muscle is your friend (ladies this goes for you too) So with adding weight training to your routine find a different way to lift weights! You could do what is called compound weight training and what this is let’s say you are doing bicep curls  you could do a lunge at the same time and work you upper and lower body at the same time. So this is such a different way to work your muscles and your core and burn more calories! A great at home program that really emphasizes compound training is ChaLean extreme, this became my soulmate weight training workout because it was so different and the inches just fell off! So another thing to keep in mind is switching it up helps with boredom and it also helps with breaking through that frustrating plateau! If your body knows what to expect then your body itself will become bored and it won’t keep giving you results but if you shock your system then BAM here come the results!

So long story short find something that gets you EXCITED! That gets you out of bed or you can’t wait to come home from work, get your workout clothes on and get sweaty!  Having fun while getting fit is the key!

Yours in wellness….