>Well it has been a while since I’ve been on here but things have been whirl wind crazy! Even though the schedule has been challenging and drives me out of my mind sometimes it is worth it and for those of you who are asking no I have not been skimping on the workouts. That is one thing that keeps me on track, relaxed and focused on what I need to do. What helps me in my accountability? Working out with my husband! I am sure I have shared this with you before but my husband and I put together a workout/meal plan together that has really been getting us great results! I had reached a major plateau in my fitness journey and my husband wanted to get back to working out like he used to so we decided to switch things up. Yes you have to do that if you want to keep seeing results that keep your body happy! For a long time I was sticking to the same thing for cardio because I am a Turbo Fanatic! I am not saying that this isn’t a great workout because believe me you burn a ton of calories and fat! But in order to keep it coming with your body especially when you get in better shape, you have to keep challenging yourself and keep your body guessing. Along with switching up the workouts you have to make sure you are eating ENOUGH CALORIES. I hear so many people freak out when they hear the word calories. That’s because they associate calories with weight gain and not with energy. Yes there are times where you can eat too many calories and start to slowly put on weight that you don’t want. But that comes down to knowing how to eat for ENERGY instead of eating for the sake of eating. Sure treat yourself once in a while, you work hard so have that meal you have been craving whether it’s dessert or something sort of greasy LOL. But if you want to see the results you have been working so hard for then being diligent with your nutrition and fitness routine is the only way to accomplish this.

Staying accountable is the number one way to achieve any one of your goals. Whether it’s building your own business, checking items off your to-do list or getting fit making goals and sticking with them will make any task doable and not so mundane. Get a fitness buddy! Find someone that you have a common bond with when it comes to fitness and help each other stay on track. Now this doesn’t mean being the food police when you guys go out to eat but just help each other and lead by example! You may be tempted to eat that junky meal but help each other keep in mind how much better you will feel when you make the healthier choice! If you have a spouse or significant other that is into fitness this will make it worlds easier to stick to your healthier life style and have someone to run, walk or lift weights with. Push each other! Don’t try to hurt the other person but you know what you are capable and what the other person is capable so push them! Go farther, go harder, lift heavier! You CAN do this!!

Set goals, accomplish them, achieve them! Remember: One day at a time, one meal at a time, one pound at a time, one workout at a time….