Setting and achieving your goals is a total mental game. You really have to be focused and write down what you want to accomplish and when. I have heard so many times before that if you write it down it becomes real and to be honest I really never bought into this. But I had this nagging feeling in the back of my head “just write down what you want to do and do it!” I finally stopped being stubborn and listened! This is a magic pill or formula but when you see your goals in front of you it does help keep you accountable if you are starting at it on a daily basis. But there can be a hold back, what is that? Is it a mental block? Fear? Procrastination? With me it all of the above, especially the fear part. I felt if I tried to do something out of my comfort zone I wouldn’t be good at it and I would automatically fail at it. This fear still plagues me today, I am thinking of becoming a fitness instructor and also really trying to take off with starting a health and fitness biz to really help others get in shape and take control of their nutrition. This is a real passion of mine and with it being a passion and I am still apprehensive about failure, no one will pay attention, no one will take me seriously and so on and so on… Yes I can be very self defeating and it’s a terrible habit that I have to start over coming. Then I had a conversation with myself, I thought if this is a passion and I honestly LOVE helping people then why would I fail? There’s no reason to! The same goes for you, if you have a goal no matter what it is and it excites you then there is no room for failure. You really have to do what makes you happy and excited and by looking forward to your “job” a) it won’t feel like work and b) you can shoot for the moon and achieve anything and everything you want. Another issue in what could be holding people back are the naysayers, the ones that may think what you do is weird, they don’t support it or any other negative feedback. This can come from friends and even family! This may be hard to do but you just have to ignore that and keep pushing on. When the negative Nancy’s try to sway you in a different direction, this is a real opportunity for you to keep your eyes on the prize and really let your light shine. By letting your light shine I don’t mean bragging or putting others down but just do what you do best and really let your joy shine through. The key is WRITE IT DOWN! Make it real for you and others around you! Tell others what you want to do, what your goals and passions are then get to work! One day at a time and one goal accomplishment at a time is the best feeling in the world and the sense of accomplishment you will get will set you on fire and you will be unstoppable!

So what’s holding you back? On your health goals? On your new endeavors in education? On making a change? Once you identify what you want to do and what you have to do to get there, then it’s in your hands to make it happen and love every step of the way 🙂 Get in the right frame of mind and NOTHING can hold you back. You can do this!

Yours in wellness…