>Well I got my butt kicked once again but doing Turbo Fire! Man I was beat but I’m glad I did it! I have been getting up at around 6 or 7 am to get these workouts done so I can fit in yoga later in the evening and also to get a pep in my step for the day! It has done wonders! Some days I am tired and I drag for a while but I think being self employed in more than one business is hard and can be tiring, but well worth it! People think I’m crazy for actually getting up to exercise, I have gotten the question “don’t you feel more tired after an early morning workout?” HECK NO! I have more energy that way! Yes I used to workout after work and I loved it but waiting all day after work would leave me more tempted to skip those workouts then I would be mad at myself because I knew I could’ve just gotten up early and gotten it done. now I am pushing myself to have that mental discipline to get up and get the job done! I don’t regret it and I am more able to get my fitness routine done all the time!

Enough about that so I am in week 2 of Turbo Fire and man I can see where doing this kind of cardio conditioning you can really get into some crazy shape! So far I have done the HIIT 15 twice and then last week was my first taste of HIIT 20! Yes that’s right 20 minutes of a HIIT workout. When I first put the DVD in the player I was scared LOL. I was thinking ” Can I really get through 20 minutes of this?” This is where your mind can take over and tell you that something like this would be too hard, but you have to TELL yourself that you have the energy and you can do this. A big part of where your energy comes from is in your mind! It’s not just totally what you’re physically capable of but what kind of voice you choose to talk to yourself in. You can talk to yourself in the positive voice or in the negative voice, it’s up to you but one is better than the other obviously! 🙂 So I really had to talk to myself in that positive voice and you know what? It worked! I mean there were times where I didn’t think I could get through it and if I had to to one more drill I was going to keel over but I really felt the sweat coming down and that is one thing I am addicted to is that sweat! Sounds gross I know.. But it’s true, to me that’s the stamp that you are working hard and your body is loving you for it! So each drill you to do twice then there is one that you do three times. In between each drill she shows you the choreography and tells you what is coming up. Then you get yourself pysched for the drill and it’s ON!! The music gets you hyped and you see everyone in class going crazy so of course you go crazy! It’s only for one minute so mentally it can feel easier to push yourself but you have to do the drill again so you have to get pumped again! Of course the drill that you have to do three times is the BEAST!! Man this is touuuugh! But it’s one of those things when you get through it and you do all three you give yourself a huge pat on the back because YOU DID IT! This is proof that you set your mind to anything and you can get it done! Turbo Fire is not only an awesome physical workout it’s a mental workout and you really learn how to push yourself in both ways and feel like a champ when the job is done!

I also got my first taste of the Sculpt 30 video. I liked it and was pleasantly surprised at how challenging it was also! I guess I was feeling kinda cocky because I had done a couple rounds of ChaLean Extreme and was starting to incorporate it into the Turbo Fire workouts. Man my muscle endurance wasn’t as great as I thought! I have the strength but my endurance can use some work and sculpt 30 will get that job done too! You work your total body in this one with the resistance bands you can get with the program. Everyone uses the light pink resistance bands in class and this is decent resistance for sure! Especially if you are new to it and you have never done that video before it’s a good way to learn and I can see sticking with that band for a long time. How the exercises are done is a challenge and the best part is when you get on the floor to do some abs and pushups! I wont’ give too much away but that’s my fave part!

Of course what keeps me energized is my Formulas 1,2&3! I know I keep going on and on about it but I love it! This stuff is the best and it’s a great way to get your healthy meals in and bring your body back to normal after a tough workout! It’s great for a quick breakfast, lunch or snack and it has all the vitamins and nutrients you will need to get through busy days when time is tight! Once you get on a program that has you feeling like a million bucks you won’t want to stop! When the eating is dialed in and the working out is dialed in you are ready to take on the world! Just remember one day at a time, one pound at a time and one workout at a time and you will get there! I promise 🙂

Yours in Wellness….