Man oh man have I been getting my butt kicked! Well day 2 of Turbo Fire consisted of HIIT (high intensity interval training) for 15 minutes. This may sound innocent because it’s only 15 minutes long but if you are short on time and you need a quick and effective calorie burn, this is your workout! With this the HIIT’s are Fire drills that are about a minute each and they include plyometric moves, burpees (which I hate LOL) and high powered traditional turbo fire/turbo jam moves. Chalene starts off by showing you what the choreography is going to be so you know what to do at a higher intensity. Looks easy enough and then you can fall into a trap of being kinda cocky thinking “oh I got this” well the you hear the fire siren and then you know it’s time to go! You have to give it all you got and with all the jumping and powerful moves that’s where the calories start to get incinerated! For this workout there are only three drills but you do them all three times each. At the beginning of the workout you have all this energy but then you see how intense it is then you know you have to do the moves two more times and that’s where you have to have a conversation with yourself to push yourself hard to get thorough it! Of course with the drills there is still awesome music to get you pumped and it actually helps to get you over that hump of “I can’t do this” You can! Don’t push yourself too hard and hurt yourself just do what you can and each time you do the workout you get stronger and stronger and that’s a huge sense of accomplishment! She tells the class that each time you do a HIIT your other cardio workouts get easier and man I believe her! I think with how sweaty I was and spent I was I burned more calories in 15 minutes than I would’ve in a 30 min or even a 45 minute workout! Yes it’s that intense, but just know it’s 15 minutes and you can crush it! The scary part is there are HIIT workouts within Turbo Fire that are 20 minutes, 25 minutes and even 30 minutes. Sounds scary right? I’ll let you know how THAT goes..

This morning was the Fire 55 EZ which yes that means 55 minutes of Turbo Fire! So you want to talk about a crazy calorie burn? Man I didn’t think it was possible to sweat that much but of course it is! Again what kept me going in this workout was the music! Chalene is a GENIUS of choosing music that she knows will get you pumped and make you push through no matter how tired you are and believe me several times through the workout I got pretty darn tired! The music that is featured in this workout is Push it by Salt-N-Pepa and other great oldies but goodies that were mixed to make you move and have an awesome time! What I love about these workouts and past turbo jam workouts is that you feel like you’re at a party! The cast is awesome and the music just pushes it over that edge that can make you feel bored with other workouts. I have done other workouts that are home based and that were great workouts but man that music they chose is so BORING. You get to the point where you feel if you hear that boring track one more time you may lose your mind! The Turbo Series has solved this problem and I have now found my workout soulmate! That is the key with any workout is you have to find what speaks to you and what you know you will stick with. The key with me is different moves that are going to be super effective and music that will keep you pumped for days after you are done with the workout!

This is what gets me excited about fitness, sharing it with others and hopefully getting them excited enough to want to change their bodies while they are changing their lives at the same time. You can have fun at fitness, I promise! It’s not about being super skinny, looking like a model that is clearly airbrushed or something that you are not. It’s about being the best YOU can be and that’s all that matters! Just remember being fit is being HEALTHY, not starving yourself so you are so skinny and emaciated that you need to be hospitalized. So many people fall into the trap of you have to be too thin in order to be considered “fit” NOT TRUE! Have fun, be healthy and you don’t have to be a size 2 be a size YOU 🙂

Yours in Wellness..