So it’s Monday and this day can usually be a drag for a lot of us. We’re coming off the weekend, maybe too used to sleeping in now we have to face five days of being productive responsible adults right? What’s the hardest part about this for you? Is it getting up early five days a week? Being productive all day? Losing the concentration later in the afternoon? All of these can be a huge challenge especially if we are not getting the nutrition we need on a daily basis. So many of us start the day with coffee and a donut, or some sugary cereal or something else that will leave us crashing early then we are addicted to coffee for the rest of the day and the week. Don’t get me wrong I was right there too, whatever work was offering for breakfast I would eat it, especially those sugary gross donuts! But man I used to love those things… So changing that habit can be hard and sometimes hearing about eating better and healthier can sound really boring and make none of us want to have anything to do with it. But it can be fun and it can be something you look forward to! Look I’m not trying to pretend to be excited about something that I detest, it’s all about finding your nutrition and exercise “soulmates” something that really speaks to you and that you want to do on a daily basis. You know what does it for me? I just feel better everyday, I have more energy and my mood is awesome all the time! Who wants to have up and down moods? Or no energy and you have to suffer through the day? Not me! That’s what really made me get off my butt and decided that I’m going to eat better and exercise and not look back. Yes it is something you have to set your mind to but man once you make that change you will never look back!

What did it for me was discovering Herbalife and exercise. That combination is a power house for more energy! Just the better eating alone I feel awesome and I have energy to get through the day without jittery caffeinated products or something that will give me temporary energy then have me in a tail spin crash for the rest of the day. That is the WORST! But seriously getting better on your eating is HUGE! Maybe bigger than exercising (even though you should do it) because if you eat a bunch of crap the exercise just doesn’t matter! I mean what’s the point of burning off all those calories, working so hard just to put it back on when you decide to eat that pizza or drink all that alcohol? I tried the same thing when I was younger and partying, go to the gym after class then go have a bazillion beers on the weekends and wondering why I wasn’t losing weight. It just doesn’t work, SORRY! So back to what I was saying, you are what you eat and you are going to feel what you eat. If you are on top of it and concentrating on putting only good things in your body, your body will thank you and you can buy yourself a lot of extra lifetime too 😉 I’ve mentioned before about the core nutrition I started taking and I still use it to this day, I LOVE IT!!! Just Formula 1,2,&3 and you will feel it almost immediately! Your energy will be better, you will think better and just over all feel better because you are giving your body what it needs so it can perform at a better rate than ever. Look this Core Nutrition has been an Herbalife staple for 30 years so somebody is buying it and loving it and I’m right there with them! Once you start feeling amazing from the good eating and you incorporate the fitness you will be on FIYAH!! Nothing will stop you and then your energy will be contagious and people will want to know what you’re doing 😉

So it’s been two months since I’ve been on the Herbalife train and I’m feeling better than ever! I’m excited that I have finally found a nutrition regimen that makes me feel better than ever and I’m happy to share it with my family and friends! Whatever you choose to get your body in better shape you will not regret it!
Yours in wellness….