>So how would you rate the crowd you hang out with? Do you think they are supportive and lift you up? Do you do the same for them? How about you give more than they give? Well we all go through this where maybe at a certain time in our life we really have to evaluate the people we spend our time with and who can potentially influence us. This really can happen as you go through life and meet other people such as in college, jobs, the gym or any other place where it’s possible to meet new friends. You have a chance to see what it’s like to spend time with different people and those that you may have more in common with than the people that you had been spending time with before. This is not saying anything against your first group of friends but as you change as a person then company you keep can change as well. I have gone and still going through this and it hasn’t been easy but it has been eye opening. Of course who you may have hung out with in high school may not be your same circle of friends in college and beyond and it’s ok! Sometimes our old friends have a hard time with this transition and can give you a pretty hard time about it but you just have to know who you are as a person and who you want to associate with and invest your time and energy with. If the previous group you spent time with was always negative, putting down your goals, sabotaging you or anything like that then you meet people that you have more in common with, are super supportive and just all around a better team. You naturally will be drawn to people that you know will lift you up and be there when the chips are down. I have been around the people that try to sabotage me, negative all the time and just really becoming toxic and I had to make a tough decision. Do I keep putting myself through this or do I start opening myself up for new friendships and relationships? Well I finally opened myself up and I couldn’t be happier! This may sound harsh or cruel but no one said that you had to be friends with your old croonies forever and there is no law stating this either. I know plenty of people that have had the same friends their whole life and they have grown and evolved together and that’s great! Some have changed who they are and their friends changed with them and this is awesome too!

You are not obligated to stay in a crowd that you are not benefiting from or getting a really healthy supportive friendship from. It’s not good for you mentally or physically to be around people that are negative, put you down, put down your goals, gossip all the time or any other energy draining activities. Get on a better team! Be honest with yourself and who you are and you will attract those positive folks in your life! These people will be lifelong friends that lift you up, are there when the chips are down and a great influence on your life! Remember be honest with yourself and who you are, that is all that matters!! Until Next Time…

Yours in Wellness…..