So do you find yourself mindlessly snacking? When does it occur for you? On the phone? Watching tv? Just bored? I can get that way too and believe me it may seem harmless because it’s a “snack” but what are you eating? Is it really junk food? Come on be honest 🙂 In order to get great results with eating healthier either for the sake of weight loss or just to make better choices, we have to be honest with ourselves. We have to be honest about how much we eat, what we eat, what time, and how often. These are huge factors that can make or break a healthy diet plan or a better eating endeavor. I used to lie to myself for years! Oh well this is just a snack, or this isn’t much but before you know it you’ve eaten a whole bag of chips, a whole box of crackers or made a meal out of a bag of candy! This happens to all of us and let me tell you it can really blow your work at eating good and eating correct portions. For a long time I never understood why I would overeat, and for a long time I never had to think about it until I got out of my teenage years then my body really made me pay attention! I would actually put on weight and couldn’t get it off! Then the puzzle began for me, I would think “well I’m trying to make better decisions” but I had no clue on how often to eat, how much and the dreaded snacking. This was and still is my biggest nemesis when it comes to eating right and avoiding temptation. The worst time for me is when I’m on the run, working outside of my house and I forget to bring something healthy to snack on. That’s the trouble and it just goes down hill from there. You can let yourself get so hungry that you will kill someone to eat ANYTHING and that’s where the bad decisions come in and the extra calories creep up in your diet. Believe me you may tell yourself it’s just once in a while but those calories can really add up and stay with you for a long time. A huge way to combat this is BE PREPARED! If you know you are going to be on the road for a while, run a bunch of errands then bring a cooler or a bag of almonds so that when your stomach starts talking to you you can be ready. It’s a huge difference eating almonds instead of that sugary gross candy bar or anything else that just won’t do your body good.

Another way to combat this is with Snack Defense. Now you may be thinking “eh it’s full of caffeine I bet” But it’s not! It works WITH your body so you don’t even want those sugary snacks because it helps already normal blood sugar levels stay even so you are more able to make smart healthy decisions when you are having your in between meal snack. How many health supplements out there do you know that can do that? Along with it helping your normal blood sugar stay normal it’s also a healthy source of chromium which is a supplement that not a lot of people think that they need and don’t realize that they may be deficient in this supplement. When people consume too many carbohydrates , your body can experience a sudden increase of insulin and blood sugar levels which can cause the body to store fat. Snack Defense contains Gymnema and this can help decrease the absorption of glucose in the body and Chromium helps insulin perform its function, by allowing for better cell-absorption of glucose in the body. These two ingredients really help your body handle the sugar from your meals therefore helping your body perform at its best and prevent it from turning all that sugar into fat. For adults you can take this twice a day and you are on your way to resisting those nasty snacks and taking awesome care of your body overall!

So first and foremost always be prepared, with a good healthy snack to go and Snack Defense to get you over the hump and help your body’s insulin do what it is meant to do.With these two things you can resist that little snacking devil 🙂 Also eat enough, eat often and eat good all the time and you will enjoy good health and fitness for many years to come! Until next time…

Yours in wellness….