Ok I have something to admit. I have a coffee addiction problem. No I’m really being serious, I could drink cup after cup, pot after pot and keep going after that. I know that sounds crazy but I’m sure I’m not the only one. When this gets too out of control I tell myself “Ok time to detox and get off this!” I’ll do good for a while, the headaches aren’t too bad but then I smell that aroma and I feel like “Well one cup isn’t bad right?” Then we’re off to the races again, one cup turns into two, turns into three and so on. I have to stop! Well just when I thought I would be strung out on coffee forever I found a healthier and tastier alternative! An herbal tea concentrate that comes in many flavors and has the same effect as coffee just no jitters or headaches if you are trying to detox. The tea itself helps you detox which is awesome! Detox in good way of course and it helps your metabolism stay on fire which of course helps with getting rid of those pesky calories! What I found was best was having this in the morning which will replace your coffee of course or have it in between meals to control hunger or give you an extra energy boost in the middle of the day. This has saved me from the mid day crash so many times I can’t even tell you! My energy has been improving a ton with the Cellular Nutrition and adding the tea into my daily supplement schedule. It’s mixed with black, green and oolong tea for the antioxidant support and of course this naturally contains caffeine but nothing that has been enhanced chemically or that will give you the jitters like so many products out there.

I’m excited to tell people that there are different alternatives to coffee and other caffeinated drinks that will strip your body of it’s natural minerals and nutrients and this can actually ENHANCE your body and it’s metabolic system. I have been drinking it as long as I have been on the Core Nutrition and to me it really adds to the program just for something to drink, of course you can have this tea in cold water or in warm water which is also nice. Well off to finish my tea and until next time…

Yours in wellness….