Well we are at Friday finally, man I swear these weeks go by faster and faster! When you’re busier than heck and doing things you love I guess the time can really fly by! I’m glad most of the days I have the energy to get through the days sometimes I’m not sure though. But on those days I’m not so sure I get my second wind and thank goodness for that!

Well I have found a new favorite snack! Yes it’s from Herbalife and yes it’s awesome. It’s their Beverage Mix that comes in the peach mango or wild berry packs. When you put this in ice cold water it’s sooooo good! Tastes just like Capri Sun or Hawaiian Punch except without all the sugar of course. The best thing about it and what surprised me was it packs an extra 15 grams of protein! With this knowledge you don’t have to drink the same protein supplements you can mix them up with this! What I love the most about it is you can use it as a snack in between meals whether it be the shakes or another meal that you just had. What I love to do is keep it in the refrigerator for a longer time so when I’m ready for it it’s ICE cold and man that’s my favorite part! What I love too like I had mentioned before is that I can switch up my snacks in between so it’s not always a protein bar or always the same thing everyday. Having something that is different, tastes good and good for you is hard to find but once you do you stick with it for life!

I’m keeping this short and sweet I just wanted to tell you about the new snack I had discovered and share it with you!

Yours in wellness…