Well I am back for another update on how Herbalife has been treating my body and I could not be happier! Every day that I drink the Formula 1 Shake, take my formula 2 vitamin and the Formula 3 Cell Activator I can feel my body hum! It’s happy and healthy and I cannot be more excited about it! Some days I switch from two shakes a day to one shake a day, a snack in between then a very healthy dinner and with that eating schedule I never feel hungry, never feel my blood sugar drop or spike and I don’t get that mid day coma feeling. That was my biggest problem for years, I would have all this energy at the beginning of the day and by 2 or 3 in the afternoon I would want to take a nap, not feel like working out or just brain dead. I hated feeling like that, I would feel so let down because I would feel excited about the workout I was going to have after work then when after work came I would have NO energy at all! I had no idea why, I work out, I eat good and seemingly do everything right and my energy was still off and I just could not figure out why. I honestly think that it was an issue so deep inside my body that my cells were not nourished properly and now that they are I am singing the praises of the Cell Activator! This is the formula three in the core nutrition of Herbalife and man it’s one of those things that you can feel within the first couple days after you start taking it. I have heard so many times that your health starts from the inside and works its way out and now I know that to be true. If your cells and other internal organs are not nourished properly then your body cannot function at its full potential. Now I finally can get through the day of work and workout at the end of the day to work off stress or as a way to work off aggression too!

I was also told that your hair, skin and nails will be healthier and the hair and nails will start to grow. My nails do not grow so fast and they never have but they definitely feel stronger! I can see how thick they get and I think my hair may be growing faster! That may take a little longer to notice but with the good nutrition I’m sure that is a definite benefit from eating well and of course good ‘ol heart pounding exercise! I’ll include pics again of the Formula 1, 2, 3 so you have a good idea. This is great nutrition that has had three decades of research behind it and I’m so excited and honored to be apart of it and doing something good for my body! Until next time…

Yours in Wellness….