Well I am done with week two with my Herbalife journey and man I tell you, I can really feel the difference! I have more energy I can tell my body is getting detoxified and overall my well being has improved immensely as well. I have been sticking with the core nutrition products which include the formula 1 health shake, formula 2 multi-vitamin and the formula 3 cell activator. I really can tell this is doing what it’s supposed to be doing and I am a firm believer that you have to nourish your body from the cells outward. If your cells are happy and healthy then your body can do what it needs to do to absorb the nutrients you are giving it on a daily basis then you will feel the difference, you will feel your energy boost naturally and of course knowing that you are fighting free radicals that are in our environment. I have also incorporated the Herbal Tea concentrate which I really love. I love having tea and the best thing about this version is you can mix a 1/2 tblsp in a bottle of cold water or in your hot water and enjoy both ways! The green tea that it has of course helps your body increase it’s metabolism, further detoxifies you and gives you that natural boost of energy you may need during the day. It’s good for people that are trying to get off coffee or at least cut down on their coffee and caffeine intake. Even though green tea has natural caffeine you will definitely not feel the jitters and the crash after drinking a bunch of coffee! I went through this for years and I got so fed up with it, I thought there has to be a healthier way of getting that mid day boost that won’t strip the calcium from my bones and also make me feel that I am doing something really good for my body. I am not bashing coffee, anything can’t hurt you when done in moderation but if you are a heavy coffee drinker then this will be a much healthier alternative for you.

I am sticking to the core nutrition for life and of course the tea for life. Now I can have green tea on the go that is not full of sugar or the “green teas” they sell in coolers at local stores. I think pretty soon I am going to try the Xtra Cal calcium supplement from Herbalife. I do not consume dairy so people like me need to get all of the calcium from other supplements that they can. Of course doing weight bearing exercises like lifting weights or doing yoga does wonders for your bones but taking an extra supplement will aide in the strength in your bones and prevent future damage. What makes this supplement different is it contains Rose Hips which has a natural source of Vitamin C and tumeric for extra antioxidant help. I have not seen any other calcium supplement that contains this so not only do you get the bone health but you also get extra health benefits of Vitamin C to help your immune system! I will blog more about this at another time but I just wanted to give the heads up that not all calcium supplements are created equal.

Well as always I will be back to give an update on how things are going and as I add things to my nutritional schedule I will be sharing it all with you!!
Yours in Wellness…..