Alright I am back, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my second shipment of my core nutrition. I feel pretty good but I can’t wait to have my formula 1 vitamins and cell activator. I am in love! I don’t feel tired or anything but I have heard that people have felt the difference right away if they waited too long to order more supplements or just didn’t take them for a while. I know one customer/distributor that hasn’t taken hers as regularly as she used because of her busy schedule, kids and everything else and man she was really starting to feel bad! But now she is back on it stronger than ever and she is feeling great!

Well I want to preach the goodness of Total Control. If you have problems keeping up with the energy or want a higher metabolism this is for you! I tried it for a week also and I really could tell that I felt more energized, I didn’t want to eat sugary crap and I had a greater sense of well being. Yes I bet you are asking yourself “How can you already tell that?” Well when you are taking good supplements and they are actually doing what they are supposed to be doing for your body then you can tell the difference after a day or two. This is another instance where I could feel the difference and my urge to snack was gone along with a greater ability to concentrate on my tasks instead of listening to my stomach beg me for a snack, and sometimes that snack wouldn’t be so good for me. What I love about it the most that there is NO ephedra and nothing that will give you the heartbeat of a hummingbird. There are so many “healthy” weight management aides that can make you feel crazy! I have tried some in the very beginning of my health journey, man I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I hated that feeling and I vowed that I would never put anything like that in my body again. I hoped that there were other products out there that were more natural and didn’t make you feel like you were going to have an out of body experience. Well you may be wondering “just what the heck is in here?” it’s all natural. Some good ‘ol green tea, black tea, oolong tea and ginger for digestive help. There are also other minerals and herbs that help build energy and alertness so not only will not you be thrown off your goals you will have energy to boot! Unfortunately too many “diet” plans or “weight control” products leaving you feeling tired, lethargic or like you’re on illegal speed. Total control will get rid of all those feelings and just know that your body is loving what you are giving it! I have been feeling great taking this also, I just think I am taking extra vitamins that will do my body good and control my blood sugar so I won’t be tempted to snack on anything fattening and gross! Well again tomorrow starts week two on the core nutrition. I will keep you posted!
Yours in wellness…