I have found the best protein bars on the planet! Yes they are from Herbalife and yes they taste so freakin good! So far my favorite flavor is the chocolate peanut butter. Man that was delicious and it is a great way for you to have a snack in between meals and keep up your protein intake to appropriate levels for sure. With each bar you are going to get 12 grams of protein, maintain a healthy weight, build lean muscle and satisfy your hunger between meals. It’s a no lose situation! You can eat one or two bars a day for a healthy snack, maintain how much protein you will need per day and maintain a healthy weight also. So yes it is possible to snack healthy and like what you are snacking on! Too many healthy snacks or weight control snacks that you can buy really taste gross in my opinion so it is very hard to find something that is priced reasonably and that you will want to eat over and over! Well I have found it and the combination of chocolate and peanut butter that is guilt free is a dream come true for me! Being healthy in a cost effective way is amazing, and anything you can do to be easier on the wallet is not half bad either! So if you feel you are not getting enough protein in your diet or you want other ways to get more protein that is quick and tastes great I would highly recommend these bars and you will not regret it! I will be starting week two with the core nutrition and of course I will be sharing this with you also!

Yours in Wellness…