Well I am one week down with my new life with Herbalife and I can’t tell you how much better I feel! I am talking to you as a consumer of this product and what they say is true, this stuff is great! I feel the energy, my well being is so much better and I have lost five pounds and three more inches off my waist! Now I am not trying to brag but I really didn’t think I had any weight to lose. I work out constantly and really watch what I eat. Over time though I didn’t feel as lean as I thought I should. I work the abs all the time, do cardio and yoga constantly but I still felt like a freakin blob! I had been watching Herbalife from afar and had heard so many success stories with it so when I decided to become a distributor for them I was more than excited! People had told me that they felt a difference within a week. I was thinking to myself “yeah right. a week?” I really thought you had to be on their nutritional supplements longer than that to see any results, I wasn’t being negative but thinking “realistically” or so I thought. Man I was I ever wrong! I stuck with their core nutritional products which are the Formula 1 health shake, the mulit vitamins and the cell activator. I’m telling you, you will feel something within a couple days and you just feel so much better! There’s none of this jittery caffeine laden products either. This is real core nutrition that is good for your body and your quality of life. They contain vitamins that your body NEEDS not a bunch of fillers that make you feel full and a bunch of caffeine that gives you the heartbeat of a hummingbird. When I was first losing weight that is how I felt when I would try diet pills. I was still under the thinking that you need to not eat to lose. Just have a false sense of energy and starve and everything will be right with the world. Well take it from me that’s not the way to do it. You have to learn how to eat, control your portions, eat often and of course get that exercise in whatever that may be. If you stick with this you will succeed in all of your health and wellness goals! Here is an idea of what I take and what nutritional value each of the products have:

  1. Formula 1 Health Shake: This is a healthy meal replacement with 19 vitamins and nutrients that come in 7 awesome flavors. This can help with your weight management and also help with getting the vitamins you need on a daily basis. You drink two of these shakes a day then have a colorful meal for dinner if you are trying to lose weight or need to have meals on the go. If you want to maintain your weight you have one shake a day then two healthy meals and of course snacks in between. If you are trying to gain weight then you would have both the shakes, snacks in between and three meals a day. So very easy to follow and a very yummy shake to drink!
  2. Formula 2 Mutlti Vitamin complex: this contains over 20 vitamins and nutrients including calcium, iron and folic acid. This supports healthy weight management, vitality, bone health and immune system health. This is a great quality of vitamin and it really supports your energy and well being. We all know there are zillions of vitamins out there on the market but this is the top of the line to me. It goes great with the health shake and the cell activator which I will talk about next. This is very good for healthy growth and nourishment at the cellular level. Take this twice a day with a shake or meal daily.
  3. Formula 3 Cell Activator: This stuff is amazing. This contains aloe which many people are not aware of but it is a miracle plant. Aloe helps the body with the absorption of micronutrients and supports cellular energy. It also contains nutrients and antioxidants that will help in healthy aging so your body is at its optimum shape throughout your life! You take one of these capsules twice a day with a meal or shake.
Since sticking with this routine has been the answer to my recent sluggishness and to be honest I probably was toxic. I felt tired all the time and my energy was going down the tubes and I just didn’t know why! Well my cells themselves were toxic and sluggish and they needed a good cleaning out! I am feeling better than ever and I am not quitting this at any time. The next thing I want to try is the total control which is a natural supplement that contains oolong tea, black tea and green tea. This helps your energy and metabolism and can help control those snack cravings. I will be ordering that soon and when I get it and start to take it I will fill you in on that as well!
Here’s to your health!