>Ok I am on my second day of taking the Herablife 1 2 3 nutritional supplement plan. If you’re wondering what the 1,2 ,3 means it’s the order in what you take their core nutrition products in. 1 is the Formula 1 health shake 2 is the mulit vitamin and 3 is the cell activator. What the cell activator does is primes your body to take in supplements and absorbs vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. I am tellng you I feel leaner and better already. I eat pretty good anyway and I am very physically active and I can see where this can really help your body get the energy it needs from eating good pure nutrition and of course staying active. I am not saying this just becasue I am a distributor I am saying this as a consumer using the products and loving the feeling I am getting! I know I am doing great things for myself and I can see why there are so many satisfied people that are continuing to get great results from using Herbalife. Even if you don’t have a ton of weight to lose or you are looking to break a plateau, this is the way to do it in my opinion. Of course getting physically active will always help you break a plateau but when you have amazing nutrition to go along with it that really skyrockets your results and they will just keep coming!

Along with the 1,2,3 regimine I also drink their herbal tea concentrate. You just take a 1/4tsp and put it in hot or cold water and off you go! It has green tea, oolong tea and black tea for energy and increased metabolism. Eating every 2-3 hours will keep your engine burning and help you burn fat so please make sure you are eating enough to keep your energy up as well! I feel good about this and I love sharing this with others! You may be wondering if I feel satiated with shakes twice a day, snacks in between and then a hearty healthy dinner, the answer is yes! I love how I’m feeling and like I said earlier I feel leaner and meaner than I have in a while! I am sharing this to let everyone in on my experience and how I am reacting to the products, it gets a thumbs up so far and I am sure it will just keep getting better! To learn more you can check out http://www.shopherbalife.com/esnyder and of course if you have questions please let me know! I will be back with more of the Herbalife journey!