>Well I am back after a hiatus (again) I’m not going to sit here and say I am going to do better with blogging because everytime I do I never blog as often as I should! Well things have been coming around as far as our business and some new health and wellness opportunities have opened up! I cannot be more excited and my amazing husband has been helping with my website and cheering me on while I get these businesses off the ground. I cannot feel more blessed and lucky to have someone like that in my life! Sorry I’m getting mushy but I feel very blessed! I have started with Herbalife and I am so excited to be on this journey with such a great company! Yes I am still with Beachbody and yes I still do the coaching! I love the coaching and helping others on their fitness journeys. Herbalife is another way to help others no matter what their goals are and they have some pretty awesome skin care products LOL. EnergyChek finally looks like it’s coming around so the hard work is paying off! Just have to keep with it and not give up, even though so many times we have thought of throwing in the towel and getting jobs or on to the next venture which would have been starting over AGAIN.

I also found an awesome yoga studio which I am in love with! It’s called Udaya Yoga and it’s only a mile from where we live! I love going there after work and letting go of the day and all the crap we have to think about or are anxious about. Believe me running your own business can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. The instructors there are amazing and so friendly! I love being able to work on my yoga in a live class so I can make sure I am being safe and don’t hurt myself if I’m alone LOL. The positive energy is great and I just love meeting new people in this kind of environment! Yoga has changed my life for sure and I can’t wait to continue this journey and see where it takes me!
If you want to check out my sites you can go to my new website: http://www.ericasnyder.com I am excited about this and I want to share this with everyone! I’ll be back to update you on how things are going and yours in wellness, until next time…