>Well today is Sunday and it’s my usual yoga day and man I look forward to it all week! Sitting at a desk all day and tightening up from sitting and anxiety can really do a job on your body. I didn’t realize until I started doing yoga how much you keep stress and anxiety on your hips and how much you grip because of sitting funny or just being tense. Today I did yoga with Rodney Yee and my fave vid of his Power Yoga Total Body. It hits every part of your body and you feel so stretched and relaxed when you’re done! I can feel my body opening up and getting more flexible as the weeks go by which I love! Before I discovered yoga I didn’t realize how much I let my flexibility slack and how tight I was getting. I saw how bad my posture was getting and how bad my back was starting to hurt. Man some mornings I would get up feeling like stiff as a board! My back would hurt so bad and I would be so stiff I knew something had to be done. I didn’t get my first exposure to yoga until I started doing P90X and that changed my life! I had done it for ten months once a week which really improved my flexibility so much! For a while I had gotten away from yoga and man did I feel a difference! My hip flexors locked up, my low back began hurting again my hamstrings were another story. I couldn’t touch my toes anymore! I know it sounds strange but I love feeling flexible and keeping up with your flexibility is good for your spine and for your body in general. Of course I was letting my back getting bad again and I was not liking this at all! I think I was falling under the false comfort of being young so I didn’t have to think about it. With my body screaming at me I still tried to ignore it, how insane is that? My breaking point was when my husband and I were on a trip I could feel my hip flexors just tighten up so bad that when I would stand up it would hurt so bad! I couldn’t ignore the impeding stiffness any longer and knew that I had to take action. I searched online for other yoga vids than Yoga X (nothing against the workout I just like variety) and I discovered Rodney Yee! His videos looked great and he was such a soothing individual. So I got his Power Yoga DVD and I was hooked from the first yoga “class”! I loved how it opened up my body and how relaxed I was when I was finished. After that first time doing his DVD I went on gaiam.com and bought all of his dvd’s! He’s a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to see great improvements in their flexibility fast!

I am sure this is not my first rant on about yoga and it’s benefits but man I love it! I love how relaxed I am and what it is doing for my body. Anyone that talks to me about it I always them that maybe they should incorporate a yoga practice once a week to stretch their body out from a week of hard exercise. People always look at me funny because they hear the word yoga and they think they have to bend themselves into a pretzel and they are scared on how to do that LOL. I always tell them I am nowhere near being able to do that and I get through a yoga routine every week! There are yoga instructors that started out with limited flexibility and it took time and practice to get to the level they are at, so you have to start somewhere! Do it for your body and well being, you’ll be glad you did!