>Well I have heard time and time again that “I’m afraid to lift weights, won’t I get big?” NO!! For women we just don’t have the hormones to get big and bulky like men would naturally. For women it makes us smaller tighter and leaner which is want we all strive for right? Have you seen a female that is in good shape but has curves? Guess what she is doing, lifting weights! Not only is it good for your fitness, and endurance but it’s good for your bone health! Calcium is also good for your bones, keeping them strong and preventing breakage but you will also hear from you dr. and any other article that explains both health that weight bearing exercises are perfect for keeping your bones strong for life! No one is saying that you have lift 100 lbs at a time and be a she-hulk but it is good in adding to your fitness results. There are proven studies that state that your resting metabolic rate is much faster when you have more lean muscle in your body versus fat. Muscle is more dense, so it won’t bulge out like a pound of fat will, doesn’t that sound nice? well it’s true! What the resting metabolic rate means is that you will burn fat and have a faster metabolism even in your sleep! I don’t know about you but burning calories and fat in my sleep sounds awful good! Look, I used to be scared of weights too. When I was first trying to lose the 50lbs I had gained I thought “Ok I have to do a ton of cardio and I will drop all this weight” Man was I wrong! Yes cardio is good for you and is one of the main elements of losing unwanted pounds and strengthening your cardiovascular system, but weights is a huge way of losing fat deposits and tightening those areas that we all love to have tight (our booty and thighs!) Of course other areas too 😉 Not until I started lifting weights three days a week is when I really saw my metabolism speed up and started to see the weight really come off! The same will happen to you!

So my rant to day is don’t be afraid of the weights! They are your friends! Just remember you are speeding up your metabolism, shrinking your fat deposits, and strengthening your bones among other benefits! Women: you will not get big and hulky like a body builder unless you are lifting crazy heavy weights or gaining muscle in an unnatural way. Men: weights are your friend too! The more muscle you have the more fat you burn and of course the longer you live! If you want to check out some pretty awesome muscle building fat scorching workouts check out http://www.beachbodycoach.com/esnyder81