>It has been over a month since I have last blogged. Work has been crazy and life in general has been nutty! With the new move and all that is going on I have been really slacking on the blog thing which is one thing I swore I would not do. I am still working out hard and spreading the word of health. I watch Biggest Loser every week and man that show really keeps me going and really makes me feel inspired and pumped! I love how each contestant is taking the time and the effort to change their life and SAVE their life more importantly. Seeing their struggle and seeing them not give up makes me not want to give up and keep going. More importantly I want to help others lose and get healthy. So many people still do not realize how important diet and exercise really are. When are you are carrying so much excess weight you are sick you are ill and not well. It’s scary to think what that extra weight is doing to your body and what it will do to your future besides cut it short. That is why I am so passionate about it and I want to help others! I post on FB all the time what workout I’m doing when I am drinking shakeology and how the workout makes me feel. I am hoping this is going to resonate with someone and they will get inspired and do something for themselves. Some people may not appreciate it and think all I do is talk about fitness like I am obsessed with it. In a way I am obsessed with it! I love how it makes you feel and the benefits is a longer life! Why is that so bad? If you think about it it’s not, it’s not bad to be active it’s bad to be sedentary and watch your life pass by you day after day. I want to do better with blogging about my workout each day, what workout I did and simply how I am feeling. My next challenge is going to be Insanity! Man I am still nervous but I know that workout will be killer and it will take me places I would love to go! I live in CO so the altitude here is thinner which will make the new workout that much harder but man when I get through it it will feel like moving mountains! I will do better about keeping you posted on the journey, all I can do is try! All I want to do is inspire and help others and hopfully someone out there will read this and want to go down that same road!!