Well it has been a couple days since I have blogged but the work scene has been hectic and getting ready for Turkey day was crazy too. Yesterday was the first Thanksgiving I spent with my bro in years! It was great being around him for a holiday and just to see his face. My niece Eden was there, Charmaine, Dave, Charlon and Mia. It was awesome seeing Mia too I haven’t seen her in years, maybe since Eden was born! So it has been a long while since she and I have connected. During the day yesterday my hubby and I were pretty lazy and really just watched tv. I did pilates in the afternoon after we ate and took a shower but that is how productive I was all day. Today I have been just as lazy, my hubby has an appointment this afternoon but that is all he has to do today then it’s a four day weekend! I am going to workout of course because I really have to work off those calories I ate yesterday! man it was worth it, that food tasted so good and a lot of what we ate I haven’t had in so long because I just don’t eat that crap anymore and to be honest I don’t miss it! Anyway back to the turkey day… So it was great seeing my bro and when Bill and I walked into Jason and Charlon’s home it was great being greeted by him! It seemed to me that he was really relieved to have some of his family around for the holidays. I know that can be hard being on the other side of the country and not being able to be home with your side of the family especially around the holidays so I am glad that we are going to be in the same state and now we can see each other more often, finally. This is what Thanksgiving means to me, being around family, being around good friends and being thankful for that. This also makes me think that God made sure that Jay and I live in the same state. So he can have some of his famiy around and that won’t be so lonely for him. I am excited to have my niece closer to us also.

So man the food was great! There was macaroni and cheese, butternut squash soup, turkey, rolls, cranberry sauce man I was in heaven! This makes working out so worth it because when this time of year comes around I feel no guilt in spending the calories! Then the desserts were crazy! We had sugar cookies, apple pie, cheesecakes galore! When my niece saw those sugar cookies her eyes lit up! It was great to see how she was enjoying her family and Turkey day. Anytime I can spend with her is a joy and being closer to her is such a gift. Other than the awesome food we need to take the time to be thankful all the time! Not just around thanksgiving and christmas and then forget about it every other day of the year of course this time can really put it on your mind but I think the real job is to keep this in mind all the time and be thankful for what you have and not think about what you don’t have and why. To me this is ungrateful and what you need will come to you when you need it and when it’s time. I am trying to really keep in mind the “holiday mentality” all the time and just be thankful. Being around my bro and his family makes me thankful for his family and that they are apart of my life. Even though your family may not do or say what you want when you want they are in your life for a reason and just be thankful for that, it could be worse! So when we were done eating we visited for a while and watched some tv. Jason and Mia fell asleep which was hilarious but man that turkey has some magical powers in it that makes you so drowsy! Eden was up watching tv with us and enjoying her cookies and it was great! Well we had to take off because my hubby forgot his regular glasses and that makes his night driving pretty difficult. Plus we were pretty tired from eating and being lazy 😉
Overall it was a great day but of course it was different because we were not in Kalamazoo this year. It was the first time in almost 30 years I haven’t spent a holiday with my mother and my aunt. I am sure it’s sad for my mom but next year for sure we will be home for one of the holidays either Thanksgiving or Christmas but we haven’t decided yet. It was good to talk to people and get my eat on! It was different but change is good….