>Man oh man I just had a rockin workout! Another brilliant brain child by Chalene Johnson has rocked my world! For those of you wondering where Turbo jam was born it was her turbo kick/turbo sport workouts! Tonight the class was taught by Jenelle Summers which is Chalene’s sister and I loved it! Man it was so intense and a crazy calorie burn. One of the craziest parts of the workout was the ab routine! OMG I didn’t think that was going to end! Man that burn is crazy. The routine is kind of long and the first time through when you are feeling good you get kind of cocky and go hard during the routine but the second time through the whole thing is when I got my teeth kicked in! Man I am so sore and I know tomorrow I won’t be able to laugh or sit up in bed so that will be great! Being sore (sounds weird) is the best indicator that you have blasted that body part! Now I am not saying if you aren’t sore that is something bad, some people just don’t get sore! But if you are, you can wear that as a badge of honor! 🙂 I really do when my abs are sore. That is such a hard part of my body to work and I am never happy with it so when those babies are sore I am so proud and maybe a little cocky.. Just kidding but that shows me that I did a damn good job! But man this workout like other hardcore cardio workouts give me such a high! If anyone is wondering how do I keep going or keep wanting to get those results is because of the natural high I get! You don’t need alcohol or drugs, you just need to sweat and you will have the biggest high you will ever want!

So Jenelle totally kicked my butt again and I am forever grateful to her and her sister Chalene, I will never stop singing the praises of those two! My booty is going to hurt so bad it’s not even funny! Last night I did legs and back with Mr. Tony Horton of P90X and now tonight was turbo sport that had a KILLER leg section! Man I am going to have buns of steel for sure! 🙂 all that hard work I want to have an awesome booty to show off! Anyone that does these workouts wil have any body part made of steel! As you can tell I passionate but hey in order to be successful at anything you have to be excited and passionate about it! I really believe that. Well I am off for the night, just wanted to log my daily workout! I am trying to get better about blogging and sharing. Tomorrow is another yoga session which I think is an amazing way to end the week!
Keep it healthy and strong!