>Man I just got crushed by the P90X Legs and Back routine! As I have stated before this is not my first time with P90X but with this second time around I feel much stronger and I am loving it! The first time I did legs and back again I couldn’t walk for a week and I’m not joking either. That was a painful but man you can feel that strength building up so quickly! I have to be honest my fave parts to work in a weight training routine is the arms and legs! I don’t now why but I love crushing those body parts! Along with the legs and back I did the abs/core plus which is a part of the P90X+ workout. Yes there is a harder version of P90X and believe me it kicks you in the teeth! I am really looking forward to having a day off or getting some more yoga/pilates in to stretch my body out and to relax me too! Having the two aspects is so amazing for your body. You have to add the stretching (I know I sound like a broken record) in order to avoid injury and honestly just to feel so damn good! 🙂 I hope people find this blog helpful and inspiring as they are entering or thinking of entering their fitness journey. It is hard to get into sometimes but man how different and strong you feel is awesome! I’m telling you, you will get there someday! I am starting to ramble, back to what I was talking about.. Tony Horton is an intense guy and when I first started working out with him I really underestimated him. I really didn’t know how insane he was! I say that with the highest respect of course 🙂 Man I thought to myself “Who the heck is this guy?”I mean he kills you seriously but with him and any other trainer that is amazing you will get results in no time! With this leg and back routine you will be able to crack walnuts with your booty and crush concrete with your legs. You will seriously get that strong and yes you can do it in 90 days. Many people don’t believe me but with P90X and all of the other workouts that Beachbody has they have a eating routine that is no fail! If you stick with the eating and with the workouts you will get the results and energy you are looking for! You can’t eat a bunch of junk and then go workout. First of all you wont’ have the energy to get through it and no matter how much you train you won’t see the fruits of your labor. I can talk about the eating thing in another blog but what I wanted to get across was in order to see your work come through you gotta stick with good eating! You won’t regret it!

I am really glad to be back on P90X and of course for cardio I do either Turbo Jam or Turbo Kick. If you are not aware of what this is, you need to get with it! I am kidding of course, but seriously it is the best workouts I have done for cardio ever! I usually hated cardio but the key is in finding something you like and sticking with it! If you ha
ve fun you won’t stop and the results will keep coming! I know many people think that I am obsessed with fitness or talk about it to much but as I have said in previous blogs, fitness has turned my life around and now I want to do that for other people. I really want them to see what it can do for you and how different your life and out look can be when you feel good! But anyway, I have one more week of the regular workouts then a recovery week which will be well needed! It will be the first time in a long time that I have done core synergistics and you will know that I will be blogging about that! That is a challenging workout that blasts your core and it’s a killer cardio workout! Even though in the re
covery week you aren’t pushing any weight you are still getting your butt kicked! It’s a break but not really. I guess they tell you that so you don’t get scared off lol. I will keep you all posted as this journey continues and for all of you that are in your fitness journey or just starting it, keep going and don’t give up! BRING IT!!!