Man I had a great yoga session today. The calming principles and of course the fitness principles are amazing! I love the increased flexibility and overall feeling better! Now I know there are some people out there that thing yoga is weird and all you do is breathe and fold yourself into a pretzel and it takes years to attain this level of flexibility. Well I am here to tell you you are wrong! It’s a great way to destress, workout and add years to your life! If you are doing something at least once a week that is calming as yoga you have no choice but to live a long and fulfilling life! There are many people that go all out with it, they get into vegetarianism, meditation and other things that are considered aspects of a yogi’s life. I have gone without meat for a time and I do meditate to a great meditation CD once in a while. I cannot get over how calming that is and how different I feel! It almost feels like my mind is different or I am a different person. I can also tell when I haven’t done this in a while either yoga or meditation. I feel off, stressed out easier and my mood is not that great. I get impatient and unfortunately my husband is the direct victim of this, we work together so if I am stressed out he is the first to hear about it! When this starts to happen he knows right away what the problem is and he tells me to get my butt in there and do some yoga!

I am gong on about this because I want people to realize how beneficial this is and how important it is in any fitness regimine you may have or just to add it to your daily life. People may not always get why flexibility is important but when they are working out and they get injured they will wish that they had done yoga that week! I know a lot of fit people out there that can really perform that are so inflexible it’s unbelievable! I can’t help but think “how do they walk everyday?” Then the question comes about how do they get more flexible or perform better in their sport. More times than not I hear that adding this or any other flexibility training is a must and it may sound strange but it can help you perform better because your muscles are being stretched out and you have a greater strength potential! A greater strength potential can mean better performance over all!
On those days you don’t feel like doing any working out or having a lazy day, stretch! Sometimes if you are tight this can be a workout in itself! This is so beneficial to your body and you want to make sure that your joints are doing good so you can exercise until you are 100! But overall this a great de stressing agent and what may have stressed you out before won’t now because you have added something to your life that has been around for thousands of years. Knowing that it has been around this long tells me that yoga is doing something right! You can use your own body to heal itself and prevent sickness and disease from coming into your life. Give yourself a treat and do something for YOU, turn it off and breathe. Namaste..