I can’t believe all this time has gone by since I last blogged! I feel bad I have been awful about updating for sure. Things have been crazy but in a good way! Fitness is still a huge part of my life and it will always stay that way! It has taken me down a road I never thought possible and I am so excited to see what 2010 is going to bring! My other biz with my hubby is doing great too! We have been blessed and all hard work pays off!! With the coaching biz and EnergyChek we are on a mission to help others and paying it forward is the way to live! Well where do I begin? We since moved to Colorado since my last post and we feel we are meant to be here! It has been such a natural move for us and we feel that we have lived here our whole lives. This a great state for energy efficiency businesses and we have been located here for a reason. This has been an exciting change and a necessary change for sure! Where we were living before was such a negative vibe there and it was counter productive to what we want to accomplish. We both know that it was bringing us down, the business down and hurting us personally. We were surrounded by negative people that want nothing more than to see us fail. It sounds crazy but true. CO was brought in our path as a new beginning and a means of great success!
I have been heavily involved with coaching with Beachbody. This is a revolutionary biz that helps others lose weight and gives them a chance to build their own business in fitness themselves! I love knowing the fact that others lean on me to help them with their own fitness goals! By joining BB they have helped me lost 50 lbs and turn into the person I have always been! It has been challenging at times and I wanted to give up. I am not happy with my current coach but with determination and hard work all things will come to fruition! I can’t let someone else bring me down or give up because of their lack of involvement. I have heard from so many people that I shouldn’t give up because I have come so far! They are right, how would I look giving up? I didn’t give up when I was and still am on my health journey? That would be giving up on people who look to me for advice and as their example to get healthy! Giving up is the easy way out and that is not how I want do to things! The point of this is you should never give up either! No matter what anyone says about your goals or aspirations NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP. That is giving them what they want! That is proving their point that “you can’t do it” “I knew that he/she couldn’t do it” things like that should make you want to win even more not throw in the towel! I have heard those same words over and over and for a long time from people that claimed they were my friends! Sad isn’t it? It happens all the time, especially when you are making the change for the better in your life. The true colors of people come out and you may not like it. This may hurt at first and you will be shocked but you will be thankful in the future those people are no longer apart of your journey.
I will try and do better about blogging and journaling about the fitness journey, fitness questions I have heard about and just various ramblings that is going on in my head LOL. I am glad to be able to share this in a great forum! I love sharing my journey and I hope some of you can get some helpful advice and insight! See you tomorrow!
Keep it healthy, positive and strong!
Erica ❤