>I never thought I would write a post like this. I thought I would never say the words “I am a recovering alcoholic” but I am and it feels good to say it! I have family members that have had life long struggles with alcohol, some of them beat it and some of them didn’t live to see their lives without it. I thankfully have and if there is anyone out there that is reading this that is struggling to beat your addiction, take it from me YOU CAN DO IT!! The reason why it feels good to say those words because the one important word that is in that sentence is “recovery” I am done I am free from the demon of alcohol! For some people it may never become a problem, they can go out and have a casual drink and be fine. I am just not one of those people. In my heyday I would go out and think to myself “ok Erica only a couple of beers tonight” of course those couple of beers would come and go and next thing I know it would be four or five hours later and I would be completely HAMMERED. At the time I think I am having a grand ol time nothing’s wrong, just hanging with my friends enjoying myself. The next morning I would have that killer hangover thinking “what the hell did I just do?” The feelings of shame, being out of control would over take me then I would just deal with those feelings with more alcohol! Yes it became a vicious cycle that I thought I would NEVER get out of, never. But never say never right? Well I always think I met my husband at the right time I mean the precise right time. He too was in to partying, staying out late and having a great time himself. We would go out and just not think about reality, just thinking about that next drink. Something had to give, it had to stop somehow and thank God he was one the that said those words “let’s quit drinking for a while” At first I thought was out of his mind! But then I said “hey what can it hurt? Just get sober for 30 days and then go back at it!” Sad I know.. Man when I was dry for those 30 days I could not tell you how great I felt! The world seemed to get brighter and possibilities seemed more clear! Well at when those days were up I wanted to have one more last hurrah with drinking on my 25th birthday, a decision I still regret to this day. I regret this because my husband was so hurt sitting back watching me get completely sloshed with my friends. After that night I knew that it was over, that a new life had to begin without that demon on my back

Life of sobriety started out pretty difficult, those I thought were my friends dropped off because I wasn’t in the bars anymore. At first this was so lonely but I knew my husband and I made the best decision in order to have a great quality of life. I am so glad that we stuck to this! If we had kept going down the road we would not have been able to start our new business, buy our beautiful home or have such an amazing marriage that we have! I am not trying to go on a tangent about my own problems. I am really hoping one day someone will read this feeling that they are not sure about how a sober life will be. I am here to tell you it will be amazing! My new passion now is fitness! I love being able to help others, tell my story and form relationships with people that are looking for some guidance or just making new friends! I want people to know that you can have a great time without being out of your mind! Now I am not judging those that choose to drink I am just saying if you feel you have a problem there is hope and you can beat it, you can do anything you put your mind to! God is good and with him you can do anything!