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Well this would be my first post on blogger.com! I have heard so much about blogging and didn’t know what it was but now I want to join the blog nation! I will probably talk about a lot of random things and just what is on my mind for that day. I feel the best therapy is to write it down and let it out before you explode! Holding your feelings in isn’t the best advice I can give. Well let me tell you a little about myself: I am from Kalamazoo Mi and I am a native from here. Right now we are having our glorious winter weather so that has been a drag 😦 I am 27 years young and married to my wonderful husband William Snyder. He is the most amazing person I have ever met. Sometimes I don’t think he’s real but he is definitely rare and I am so glad I snagged him! LOL I just graduated from Argosy University with a degree in Psychology with a concentration on Substance abuse. I am taking a year off before I hit the master’s degree. Until then I have been working with my husband in two of our businesses. We have a real estate business that is called Snyder realtors. You can check that out at www.ecowiserealtors.com and we also have a energy reduction consulting firm called EnergyChek. It’s amazing company and please check it out at www.energychekcom you will like what you see!
I have also been on a weight loss journey. Recently I have been able to lose 50 pounds and I feel great! When I was younger I was always thin and really didn’t have to think about what I was eating which was a blast at the time! When I was this age also I was hanging out with the wrong crowd and getting into things that I should not have gotten into namely alcohol. At first I thought it was everybody was doing it so what is the big deal? But after years and years of this behavior it really became a deadly and destructive problem. Over the years I had gained such a dependence on it and it got to the point where I had withdrawal symptoms at my job if I wasn’t drinking. After sometime I had gained 50 pounds!!!!! I did not know who was staring back at me in the mirror and the thin person I used to be was gone and I did not know who I had become. I had joined a gym and tried to do that for a while but I get bored very easily. I was able to lose 10 pounds but I got bored and gave up so easily. Over time as you can imagine the weight slowly crept back on because I went back to eating what I wanted and being lazy again. Pretty soon it was time for my doctor’s appointment. Last year when I went to see my doctor I had weighed about 150 pounds but I thought that was ok because I had gotten such a hard time for so long about being so skinny and looking too thin so I was liking my new curves. But this year I had learned that I had put on another 22 pounds! Then my doctor got really concerned. Last year she had kind of hinted that she wanted me to lose weight but this year was different, she was actually telling me to lose weight and she was not joking! My blood pressure was getting high, my cholesterol was high, I was knocking on the door of diabetes and I had so much body fat it was literally off the charts, 38%!
After learning all this I vowed to her and myself that I was going to make a change and by the time my next appointment came around I would have lost a dramatic amount of weight and she was going to be proud of me! Pretty soon that weekend I had seen an infomercial for this weight loss system called Hip Hop Abs. It was presented by Beachbody and the guy Shaun T seemed to have a great personality! I ordered it right before my husband and I left for Hawaii to get married and I knew that when I got back that a change was going to come! I had my last hurrah in Hawaii and when we got home I took my before pics and that was SCARY!!!! Ouch was all I could say and I really knew then how bad I was health wise and appearance wise. Well I am proud to say that I have lost that weight and now I have moved on to doing Chalean Extreme! If you have not done that workout you need to buy it today! That is the best workout in the world!!!! It is of course presented by BeachBody also! By working with this company I have also become a health and fitness coach! My website is www.milliondollarbody.com/esnyder81, you should check it out! I am still continuing on this amazing journey and having a great time doing it! Well that is just the beginning I could go on and on but I do have to get other work done! I will try and update as soon as possible and if you want please subscribe to my blog!
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